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D Cafe | Make Your Space
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Our Story

Situated in the heart of the city is the warm, comforting ambiance of D-Café; “The” place to be. Get lost in the lively and quirky environment of a garden lounge and experience the beach side bliss that makes you want to take your shoes off and simply unwind. An ideal spot for the young and old alike, D-Café promises to pamper your palette with an exotic range of Italian, Mexican, Continental & Asian cuisines. It’s time to make space for all that is beautiful, it’s time to make space for D-Café.

D-Cuisine is an air-conditioned extension of D-Cafe; it is an indoor seating; an entirely buttoned up room – a first of its kind in the history of the World. This room can be booked for individuals or for a small number of guests around 20-30 people; during which general public will not be allowed to use this place for dining, so that you can enjoy your private dining experience amidst the various buttons & pleasant world music.

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From around the World

Alfredo Penne


Our Menu

For those with pure food indulgence in mind, come next door and sate your desires with our ever changing internationally and seasonally inspired small plates.  We love food, lots of different food, just like you.

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Banquet Hall

D Place



D-Place is an ideal air-conditioned banquet hall for all functions & parties. Whatever be your event or celebration, we would like to make your special day a memorable one. D-Place’s banquets team will be at your service to customize a menu according to your palette & preferred cuisine.
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